We have several motorbikes for you!

All our motorbikes are easy to handle and funny to ride!
Absolute beginners and motorcycle veterans are enjoying our bikes.

Starting from motorrollers to comfortable motorbikes. You have the choice. All motorbikes are easy to handle, do have around 100ccm engine – what is fair enough for Vietnamese roads and to enjoy your motorbike tour.

All bikes are equiped with plenty of possibilities to fix your baggage and backpacks. Every piece of your baggage will be packed in big plastic bags. It will stay dry and clean!

All bikes have some special safetyparts to protect the bike itself and you as well. Remember, that driving a motorbike is always a risk. We provide you with a helmet. Of course you can bring your own helmet with you.

Motorbiker Vietnam Tour Bikes


  • Easy rider feeling
  • Powerful engine
  • Comfortable for two persons




  • Nice ride for all terrain
  • Powerful 100ccm engine
  • Go fast or enjoy crusing




  • Nice chopper
  • Strong 120ccm engine
  • Lots of space for you baggage




  • 150 ccm Enduro
  • Good handling
  • Dessert or road, you can go anywhere




  • An old Wolf never gives up
  • 125ccm engine
  • Nice and comfortanle ride




  • Small and nice chopper
  • Go for an easy ride
  • Space enoug for any baggage




  • A nice and stylish scooter
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy handling and comfortable seat




  • Nice enduro for all terrain
  • Good handling
  • 125ccm engine




  • Modern scooter
  • 135 ccm engine
  • Nice handling and comfortable seat


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